Articles of Faith

We believe …

1. The Old and New Testaments as the infallible Word of God by Divine inspiration;

2. Three equal Persons in the Godhead;

3. Eternal and personal election unto salvation;

4. Original sin;

5. Particular redemption through the atoning sacrifice of Christ;

6. Free justification by the imputed righteousness of Christ alone;

7. God's fully effective grace in regeneration;

8. The Second Coming of our Lord;

9. The final perseverance of real believers;

10. The resurrection of the dead, the future Judgement, and the eternal happiness of the righteous and everlasting misery of such as die impenitent.

11. The necessity of Baptism (by immersion) upon a profession of faith as a prerequisite to Church Membership and the Lord's Supper;

12. The obligation of believers to practical obedience to the declared Will of Christ as Head of the Church;

13. The congregational order of the Churches.